At Maker Books we believe that self-published products, whether a single pattern or full print book, are stronger with clear editorial and design direction. With our expert guidance, you’ll produce higher quality materials that shine the best light on your work.

Content Development

Our team can turn your seedling ideas into unique content tailored to your audience. We also know a few tricks for reusing your existing content in new ways. Contact us to schedule a 1:1 consultation to talk through the possibilities.

Content & copy editing

There is more to editing than making sure your commas are in the right place, particularly when it comes to the language of crafting. Our editors can support you in communicating your content in clear, concise, and accurate terms.

Photography direction

The how-to community is more reliant on visuals than any other community in the world. Your photos need to grab readers and highlight your work. We’ll coordinate with professional photographers to take your images to the next level.

Layout & Design

Strong design can take any published media from fine to fantastic. The Maker Books team can connect you with skilled craft book designers and support you in getting print-ready materials you’ll be proud to publish.

And then some

With more than 15 years experience producing content for creative communities, Maker Books can guide and coach you in every aspect of self-publishing. Whether we teach you how it’s done or you hire us to make it all happen for you, together we’ll get you delivering top-notch, professional quality materials to your audience. If your needs aren’t listed here, get in touch. Our team knows how to do more than they’re telling.